Jumaat, 10 April 2009

One Night in Taiping


Pada awalnya posting berikut saya adalah mengenai angka 13...apa tu??hehe..tunggu..

jadi saya ingin berkongsi sebuah video yang dibuat oleh seorang Chinese non Muslim sewaktu Piliharaya Bukit Gantang...Saya begitu tersentuh dengan video ini...brader ini nama dia Greg..boleh lah melayari blog dia...


ini sedikit introduction mengenai video yang mr greg ini buat...very nice!!!!

This was another exciting trip for me this year! It is a trip that I have wanted to go for a very long time! I heard so much about the things that happen during an election, so, I have decided to see it for myself, experience the real thing!

Please dont get me wrong, I m not a politician or I m involve in any political party, but, I must admit that I m very much aware of the political events, in the country I live in, and once, I m proud of!

And, for the change, I will like to do lots of many other things in life, produce many other kind of videos besides weddings! I m not all about wedding, I m just about anything, but, in related to video, as I see life thru my camera!

It was really a fun trip, meeting all sort of people, going around the villages, on a convoy of 20 cars-BMW Z5, Z3, 5 series and etc.

And of cause, enjoying the Taiping local cuisine was also the highlights of our trip...really like their Iced Coffee!

For Malaysians who have not had the chance to witness this most talked about by-election, enjoy viewing!

al_madd: hidup ini penuh dengan kesibukan..huhuhuhu

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